Applied AI Lunch Talks - Proemial and Anemo Robotics


Talk 1: Solving Society's Greatest Challenges

Research should have a large and diverse readership. But we live in a world where the most brilliant minds have the smallest audience. Proem is a new digital commons for research. The platform provides a streamlined and efficient reading experience with access to the very latest research preprints. We leverage both open source and proprietary AI models to summarize, explain, and interrogate research papers, recommend related papers, and facilitate discussions in a public forum, with the goal to connect people around the process of discovery, innovation, and knowledge creation. 

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Speaker 1: Mads Rydahl, Co-founder at CPO at

Rydahl has built computer games, recommender systems, and search experiences. He was the original Director of Product and Design at Siri, and founded UNSILO, a trendsetting AI solution for Scientific Publishers, acquired by Cactus in 2022. Rydahl is cofounder of, a new social platform for scientific content, which uses AI to facilitate discovery and moderate public discussions. 

Talk 2: Assisting Marine Biodiversity Assessments Using Computer Vision and Smart KPI’s

It is no secret that we are currently in a major biodiversity crisis- especially at sea. Pollution, rising temperatures, and bottom trawling have negatively impacted critical parts of our marine ecosystems. Luckily, companies and governments are determined to invest in major restoration plans. However, how do we track if these initiatives have the desired impact, and can we utilize current AI technology in doing so?

Talk 2 Speakers: 

Maria Bakali, Co-founder and CBO of Anemo Robotics, Mechanical Engineering Student at DTU

Co-founder of Anemo Robotics. M.Eng. in mechanical engineering and currently pursuing an M.Sc. in industrial engineering and management. Highly interested in sustainability, nature. In Anemo Robotics, she is involved with financial management and business development.

Simon Madsen, Co-founder and CTO of Anemo Robotics, Data Science & Entrepreneurship MSc. Student at DTU

Co-founder of Anemo Robotics. Wearer of many hats, but mainly focused on computer vision, cloud infrastructure, and general Data Science 

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