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Applied AI Lunch Talks - AMESTO

tirsdag den 13. december 2022

Applied AI Lunch Talks
We'll bring the experts and you'll bring your lunch!

Lunch Talks are where industry meets academia around the themes of Society, Technology, and Business. 

This semester, we are proud to present several talks around the theme of applied AI with industry experts sharing their insights and perspectives.


When and Where?

The Applied AI Lunch talks will take 12.00 - 13.00 place on
Sep 22nd, Oct 20th, Nov 10th & Dec 1st
at DTU Skylab in the Auditorium (Diplomvej 373D, 2800 Lyngby)
and online. 

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THURSDAY NOV 20th Emilie Lundblad and Laura Frølich will share experiences from two cases in the venture building studio Amesto NextBridge.


Talk1: "AI Due diligence"

One remarkably interesting case involved a due diligence study of data and machine learning aspects of a start-up that a venture capital fund was considering investing in. We will describe how we approached this systematically and the focus areas of our study, as well as our experience in this area from our AILab initiative. 

BIO: Emilie Lundblad

She is Managing Director at Amesto NextBridge. Former quant & startup entrepreneur, turned Data & AI nerd. Cand.Oecon from SDU, ML & AI from MIT, MSc. IT Management from ITU - writing thesis on AI. Guest speaker at ITU & MIT 2022, Make Data Smart, Genesis, Dansk IT. 


Talk2: "NLP on Incident reporting"

During the COVID crisis, we applied Natural Language Processing techniques to aid the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent automate their categorization of disaster response reports globally. 

BIO: Laura Frølich

She is Lead Data Scientist at Amesto NextBridge Denmark. Previously, Laura applied data science in the water sector and supervised MSc students at DHI, did consulting at Teradata and researched non-specific effects of vaccines at the Danish SSI. Laura holds a PhD in machine learning from DTU.