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Applied AI Lunch Talks - Paragit

torsdag den 10. august 2023

Applied AI Lunch Talks
We'll bring the experts and you'll bring your lunch!

Lunch Talks are where industry meets academia around the themes of Society, Technology, and Business. 

This semester, we are proud to present several talks around the theme of applied AI with industry experts sharing their insights and perspectives.

When and Where?
The Applied AI Lunch talks will take 12.00 - 13.00 place on
Sep 22nd, Oct 20th, Nov 10th & Dec 1st
at DTU Skylab in the Auditorium (Diplomvej 373D, 2800 Lyngby)
and online. 

Register to join online or in person


THURSDAY OCT 20th 2022:

Talk1: "Personalized treatment for neurodegenerative disorders through applied deep learning approach in combination with advanced wearables"
by Paragit Solutions

Parkinson’s is the second largest neurodegenerative disorder and is the fastest growing one. The current golden standard for diagnosing movement-related disorders like Parkinson’s is unfortunately still based on a completely subjective standard scale. This leads to several major consequences for the overall society and especially in the long term with a 47% misdiagnose rate in primary care and often results in a very late diagnosis. We at Paragit Solutions combine the latest hardware wearable technology with applied deep learning to analyze and cluster potential upcoming patients based on their abnormal muscle fluctuations during the day. We believe that applying ML with good, labeled datasets can revolutionize the method for not only early detecting but also applying personalized treatment plans for patients suffering from Parkinson’s. The talk will focus on using ML approaches for identifying abnormal biopotential signals and investigating other AI-based prediction tools.   


BIO: Mohammad Filfil

He is the founder, and CEO of Paragit Solutions and is leading the overall product development. Filfil received a master’s degree in electronic engineering from DTU in 2019 and San Jose State University -Silicon Valley. He is the inventor of two patents used in Paragit’s hardware sleeve. Previously co-founded 3 other startups within deep tech and hard tech and have mostly been the lead developer of hardware products.   


Talk2: "Bridging the epilepsy treatment gap through an AI enabled, low cost diagnostic solution"

by BrainCapture

80% of people with epilepsy live in low- and middle-income countries where EEG services are hard to access. BrainCaptures aims to bridge the epilepsy treatment gap through an AI enabled, low cost diagnostic solution. This presentation provides an insight into BrainCaptures' solution.

BIO: Tue Lehn-Schiøler

He is the CEO of BrainCapture. He holds a PhD in machine learning and has been applying AI to real world problems for more than 15 years.