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Applied AI Lunch Talks - BKI & Ambolt ai

torsdag den 10. august 2023

Applied AI Lunch Talks is where industry meets Academia around the themes of Society, Technology, and Business. This semester, we are proud to present several talks around the theme of Applied AI with industry experts sharing their insights and perspectives. Come join us at DTU Skylab or join us online for the live-streamed webinar.


February 9th we are hosting speakers from BKI and Ambolt ai

First Talk:

”Can AI help create the perfect cup of coffee”

Is it possible to use AI to predict how a cup of coffee will taste? BKI believes so. Nicholaj will be taking you through the journey BKI has been through building an AI product that can help create the right blend of coffee beans to create the required taste of a cup of coffee.

First speaker

Nicholaj has spent the last 7 years at BKI building and implementing systems to digitize their production and create the foundation for advanced analytics. He has led projects related to data warehousing, digitization, and automation of processes and AI/Machine learning. 

Second Talk:

"How Ambolt works with AI"

More detailed description TBA

Second speaker

Andreas Berre Eriksen from Ambolt ai

More detailed description TBA